This book is a great gift for both friend and foe
What’s your freakin’ problem?

What happens when our busy lives leave us recovering on the couch every evening, when our relationships with others lead to anger and emptiness and our desire for distraction rules us? The book What’s your freakin’ problem? addresses these issues as it blends contemporary culture and personal development in this witty yet productive foray into surviving daily life. What’s your freakin’ problem? is the question others ask you, you ask others and the truly brave ask themselves!

The book’s style allows busy people to read succinct chapters in colloquial ease. Both married and single parents who feel the stress of their multiple roles find comfort and a few answers in the chapters Yelling over spilt milk, Sexless marriages (or nearly) and Parenting. Women of all ages have enjoyed the chapters Letting your man drive, Buying anti-wrinkle creams and Your man says “I don’t know” about most of what you say to him when you argue. Men have learned a few secrets in the chapters The nagging, picky woman, Massaging your partner hoping it will lead to sex and Don’t do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Exes both personal and professional have dog-eared chapters such as Bosses, Grow up and get some perspective! and Fear of confrontation. And dating people laugh (and cry) at chapters like Stalkers, Dating and I love you… oops, not really.

This book reminds us that we already have the solutions we need. We don’t need some pricey, new fangled gadget to help us; we just need to think, feel, do and have some freakin’ patience.

Trafford Publishing
ISBN 987 141209477-1

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